Tromsoe. 1/16. Revenge achieved...not achieved...deferred...


Every day, there are fewer and fewer players in Tromsoe...

The big question of the day was whether the losers from day one would be able to recover Would Aronian be able to beat a strong GM with Black? Evgeny Tomashevsky did not rest on his laurels, but took the fight to his opponent, and was rewarded by Caissa: 

Tomashevsky, Evgeny (2709) – Aronian, Levon (2813)

Black has just attacked the knight (f7-f6)... 19.Nxh7! – Bravo! He plays like a man 19…Kxh7 20.f4 Bb7 21.f5 Qe8

22.e5 – Levon said iin a press conference that he likes the World Cup. He already has a place in the Candidates, and so can just play for pleasure, which suits his philosophy in general. Tomashevsky has greater motivation, since beating a player of Aronian's class would mark the start of a new stage in his career. Perhaps he lost his self-control here and played an impulsive move. 22.Rce1 – retaining the tension and leaving the position quite unclear. . 22…Bxg2 23.Kxg2 fxe5 24.Rce1 – Now Black has time for  24 ... Nb4, and although the position is too sharp for a definite assessment, he would have good chances of winning. 

24…gxf5 25.Rxf5 Rxf5 26.Qxf5+ Qg6 27.Qxd7+ Kg8 28.Rf1 c4 – Here too 28... Nb4 keeps hope for Black. 29.h4 c3 30.h5 Qe4+ 31.Kh3 Kh8 32.Qe6 Nc5 33.Qf6+ Kh7 34.Qf7+ Kh8 35.Qf6+ Kh7 36.Qe7+ Kh8 37.Qf6+ Draw ( ½ : ½ ). 

Gelfand went through

Malakhov held Caruana

Grischuk had to show remarkable patience  and inventiveness to overcome Liem's resistance. 

Grischuk, Alexander (2780) – Le, Quang Liem (2712)

After73 хода

The only weakness on c6 is easily defended. Draw?

After 100 moves, no progress had been made and Black even has a symbolic extra pawn. ,  101.Bb5Kg7 102.Bd3 Nh6 103.Rd6 Rc5 104.Kh4 Nf7?! – Black's first lapse. Waiting tactics with 104... Ra5, would leave the outcome unclear 105.Rd7 d4 106.exd4 Rc3 107.Bxf5 Kf6 108.Bxg4 Rd3 109.Bh5 Nh6 110.Rd6+ Kg7 111.Kg5 Nf7+  112.Bxf7 Kxf7

Liem defended the rook ending heroically for anotehr 40 moves but lost. . (1:0). So the last two world blitz champions play off. 

Wei's first serious tiebreak. How many more will he play in the future?


 Granda Zuniga - his strength and understanding are being revealed in his 5th decade. 

The Peruvian has acvhieved a new creative level, winning to order against the young GM: 

Giri, Anish (2734) – Granda Zuniga, Julio E (2679)

Julio starts breaking down the enemy pawn structure. : 22...a4 23.b4 Na6 24.Qxa4 Nxc4 25.Qb3 Ne5 26.a3 Nc7 27.Bg3 Qf6 28.Rf1 Be6 29.Nxe6 Qxe6 30.Qxe6 Nxe6 – Holding a KID ending is difficult. The weakness of the queenside starts to tell. 

31.a4 Nc4 32.Rc1 Bg7 33.Rfd1 Bd4+ 34.Bf2 Be5 35.Rc2 Na3 36.Rcc1 Bf4 37.Ra1Nc2 38.Rab1 Be5 39.Rdc1 Ned4 40.Rb2 Na3 41.Ra2 Nc4 42.Kh1 b5 43.h3 Reb8 44.a5 Nb3 45.Rcc2 Nbxa5! – 

 46.Nxb5 cxb5 47.bxa5 b4 White resigns (0:1).

Svidler reached the last 16. He bravely went in for a variation a rook down, but with Teimour's king uncomfortable. The result was simplifications and a draw. 

Radjabov, Teimour (2733) – Svidler, Peter (2746)

35...Rb7 36.Rd2 e3 37.Rxd4 e2 38.Rd8+ Kf7 39.Nd6+ Kf6 40.Rf8+

Had he needed to, Black could even play on with 40... Ke6 41.Nxb7 Ke7 42.Rb8 e1=Q (Computerkibitz: Houdini 3 Pro x64   Depth: 21 with 300.322 kN in 102s;, but there wa sno point. Draw ( ½ : ½ )



Text: Sergey Kim    

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Тромсе. 1/16. Сенсации в норвежских фьордах